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Useful resources 2013 medical record keeping

  • Health and Social Care Committee Sexual Health, May 2019. Recommendations made in the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee report on Sexual health (Fourteenth Report of Session 2017–19).
  • Public Health England – Review of commissioning for sexual health, reproductive health and HIV, 2017
  • Department of Health and Social Care – A Framework for Sexual Health Improvement in England,March 2013. Sets out the Government’s ambitions for improving sexual health. The document aims to provide the information, evidence base and support tools to enable those involved in sexual health improvement to work together effectively, and ensure that accessible high quality services and support are available to everyone.
  • Public Health England – Sexual and reproductive health and HIV: applying All Our Health, December 2019. Guidance on Sexual and reproductive health and HIV.
  • NICE – Impact Sexual Health, February 2019. Report that considers how NICE’s evidence-based guidance contributes to improvements in sexual health.
  • Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare – A Quality Standard for Contraceptive Services, April 2014. This Quality Standard sets out the contraceptive care that individuals using services should expect and be entitled to receive. It is designed to support commissioners and providers to deliver high-quality services that deliver the best possible outcomes for individuals.
  • Department of Health and Social Care  Integrated Sexual Health Services – National Service Specification, June 2013. A suggested service specification for integrated sexual health services.
  • Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare  Service Standards for Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, January 2013. A full range of service standards applicable to community sexual and reproductive health services and some aspects of contraceptive care in general practice.
    • NHS Digital –  Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, England (Contraception) 2021/22, September 2022. Report on contraceptive activity taking place at dedicated Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services in England.
    • Office for Health Improvement & Disparities – Abortion statistics, England and Wales: 2021, December 2022. Report providing national statistics on abortions recorded in England and Wales in 2021, published annually since 2002.
    • Office for National Statistics – Conceptions in England and Wales: 2020, April 2022. Annual statistics on conceptions to residents of England and Wales, with numbers and rates by age group including women aged under 18 years.
    • Office for National Statistics – Conceptions in England and Wales: 2018, March 2020. Annual statistics on conceptions to residents of England and Wales, with numbers and rates by age group including women aged under 18 years.
    • Public Health England – Sexual and reproductive health profiles, 2019. Resources to support local authorities, public health leads and other interested parties to monitor the sexual and reproductive health of their population and the contribution of local public health related systems. Interactive maps, charts and tables provide a snapshot and trends across a range of topics including teenage pregnancy, abortions, contraception, HIV, sexually transmitted infections and sexual offences.
    • Department of Health and Social Care  Abortion statistics for England and Wales: 2018, June 2019. Statistics and commentary on abortions carried out in 2018 in England and Wales.
    • Public Health England  Sexual health, reproductive health and HIV in England: A guide to local and national data (revised December 18), January 2019. Guide that provides health professionals including local government, service providers and commissioners with the key information they require in order to understand the sexual and reproductive health data that are available and how the data can be accessed.
    • Public Health England – Reproductive health: what women say, June 2018. Information about the gaps in data and services in reproductive health and healthcare for women.
    • Health and Social Care Information Centre – General Practice prescribing data. Data on NHS prescriptions written in England, by GPs and other non-medical prescribers (such as nurse and pharmacists) who are attached to GP practices, and dispensed in the community in the UK.