Our terms of reference

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The AGC is an expert advisory group made up of leading clinicians and advocacy groups who have come together to discuss and make policy recommendations concerning the contraceptive needs of women of all ages.

The purpose of the AGC is to ensure NHS and public health services deliver improvements in contraceptive services so that all women have access to high quality services which offer them information about and a choice from the full range of contraceptive options.

Support for the AGC is provided by Bayer plc, Organon and Pfizer, who fund AGC meetings, activities and the AGC secretariat, delivered by Incisive Health. Sponsor organisations have no influence or input in the selection or content of AGC projects or communications. Members of the AGC receive no payment from Bayer plc, Organon and Pfizer for their involvement in the group, except to cover appropriate travel costs for attending meetings.

Strategic decisions about the AGC’s policy or communications activity are agreed by all members, either at member meetings or through e-mail discussion. Editorial control of all public materials rests with the AGC members alone. All public materials from the AGC include a declaration of how it is funded.

The full AGC terms of reference are available here.